Boosting Attendance at Community Events

Getting people out to community events can be a challenge for local organizations, municipal governments, schools, and non-profit agencies. Recreational departments struggle to draw attendance to games, races, or after school programs; concerts, plays, or fairs put on by non-profits or community organizations can sometimes have very few attendees; and school car washes, bake sales, and craft fairs often fail even after a lot of planning and effort. One way to boost attendance at community events is to provide covered shade structures, benches, and tiered seating in parks, fields, and public schools.

A blanket in the park for a concert is fun when young and healthy, but older people, parents with infants, and those with mobility issues or special needs will not be comfortable on a blanket or folding chair in the sun for a few hours. Safe seating, shade for those who want it, and some tables or benches will do wonders for community attendance. People will come to events, support causes by purchasing food and drinks, buy tickets for baseball games, and maybe donate to that local charity. People will support the efforts of community groups who put on music programs, have art walks downtown, or display crafts at the park.


The best material to use for such structures and seating is steel because it is cost-effective, safe, strong, and low maintenance. Some companies provide a variety of structures such as a combination of picnic table and chairs, covered walkways, fencing and gates for security, all types of seating, and even buildings such as dugouts, bus shelters, and concession stands. Items can be chosen from in stock products, or custom designed and fabricated. Installation services can be provided for kits, or delivery can be arranged for assembled structures. Colours can be chosen to match a school team, a business logo, or a local football team.

Pavilions, benches, covered grills, picnic tables, grandstands, or large central gazebos will draw people back to the community park. Fencing and gates can be placed around perimeters to help people feel safe in the neighborhoods, and a bus shelter will encourage people to use public transportation. The use of steel will make structures easy to keep clean and hard to vandalize or destroy, so public works costs will not exceed the budget.


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